If you want a new build to be proud of, Performance Build Buckinghamshire should be the first firm that you contact.

We offer a comprehensive quote, project management and a quality finish plus the security to know that the job will be performed on time, to budget and with the use of expert craftsmen and tradesmen.

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New builds

Building a ‘building or a house’, whatever it is, ‘New Build’ creates a lot of difference for those who would want to make their own space, be it in the form of a house or a reformation of a space. Here is a solution from ‘Performance Build’ that focuses on all that which you wanted to be on the ‘mark’.

The end product always involves high standards of workmanship. Whether you are an individual or a property investor, we bring you the best tradesman and management to give you the perfect end product every time.

Things that make a difference at Performance Build Buckinghamshire

  • All projects managed with a dedicated on-site project Manager.
  • We work with Architects, local planners and all stakeholders to ensure the project is smooth and hassle-free.
  • Dedicated tradesman for each part of the job ensures a top quality finish.
  • Sensitive to neighbours and communities to minimise disruption in the locality.
  • High-quality materials sourced and used to ensure longevity and quality finish.
  • Safety being the prime importance and making it be a top priority in our approach to complete the project is our sole responsibility.

You don’t need to go anywhere else as all that what you require is provided by us at Performance Build. The main focus is on the specification you bring forward to complete the process.   

Our Team -

We are a team that can be trusted with the perseverance and resolving technique, used in the tasks dedicated to the process completion. The vital aspect that we believe in is the details that are considered to be important. We understand that every aspect of the project depends on a detailed scrutiny.

More of information we collect about the project from you, the more precise we believe it to be executed well. Hence, you can come out with the smallest details that you want to inculcate in the project and we can do it ease and much of effectiveness.

We would act as ‘listening ears’ to your concepts and major changes which you would want to get into your premises or introduce some new designs that will create a change in the outlook of New Build! You would be talking to personalized staffs that are present always concentrating on projects.

Contact us today at Performance Build to have your dream New Build Complete to perfection!

A Proactive team

Our team proactively manage the project to ensure everyone in the process is kept up to date and the project runs likes clockwork.The vital aspect that we believe in is the details that are important.Trades that care and go the extra mile for our customers to ensure new build are delivered beautifully every time.


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